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We know your data is an important marketing tool. All of your records are valuable, so it is essential that your data is detailed with vital information. ISB can update client lists with CASS & NCOA to ensure that all additional data entry stays accurate. We know your company is like no other, and we want to provide special solutions to your special needs.

ISB works with our customers to identify targets with needs met by your products or services and the traits of existing customers to obtain a mailing lists tailor for your company. All lists are purchased from outside list organizations insuring each list received from our clients stays secure.

CASS & NCOA Certified

All mailing lists are processed through specialized software to CASS certify and automate the mailing. Also your database is checked against the Post Office National Change of Address files to correct addresses of prospects who have moved. This improves address accuracy, amend zip codes and add unique Zip+4. This helps to speed up processing through the postal system.

Automating databases allows our customers to take advantage of postal rate discounts further reducing the cost of each mailing.